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Hi, how's everybody doing - financially?

You know, the music business has not been good to me. But I still want to “give back” in some kind of way.

Recently, someone approached me after a show, and said, “Lee, I wish I were you.” And I thought, “Well, why not? I mean, I've been Lee Feldman for almost 50 years now. Why not give someone else a chance?” So I've come up with a way of franchising myself. It's quick, it's easy, and most important of all - it's safe. Here's how...

Send me some money, whatever you feel comfortable with ($20 is the suggested amount), and I'll send you a LEE FELDMAN FRANCHISE KIT.

Each Lee Feldman Franchise Kit will include:

  • A copy of my CD I've Forgotten Everything
  • A banner with my website: www.leefeldman.com
  • A page of patter - clever and absurd things to say when you are “Lee Feldman.”

When you receive the packet, you can start being me IMMEDIATELY!

Just pick one of these suggested songs on the CD:

  • Lee Feldman (track 5)
  • Bowling Accident in Lane 3 (track 8)
  • Waltz for a Sad Girl (track 11)


  • Cue the song up on your CD player or computer.
  • Look over the appropriate patter for the song you picked.
  • Tape the www.leefeldman.com banner somewhere visible behind your head.
  • Have a friend videotape you saying the patter as the song is playing.
  • Put the video up on YouTube.

Example #3:
Here is Pete Galub being Lee Feldman.

Example #1:
You've picked the song Bowling Accident No. 3. That's an instrumental track. You say (into the camera): “You know, my family only eats venison.” Then your friend (off camera) says: “Oh, dear.”

Example #2:
You're at a business meeting. You hold up the banner saying www.leefeldman.com and say to your colleagues, “How's everybody doing - financially?” Make sure you videotape this! Then play them track #9, Give Me My Money -- it will be hilarious.

That's all there is to it!! You'll feel better about just being you!
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$20 is the suggested donation.