Album No. 4 made WFMU Irene Trudel's top 10 albums of 2012!

"I love Album No. 4!" - Linda Thompson
"... a manifesto for Feldman's recording career, which has found him restlessly deconstructing and reassembling pop music's tired machinery with a hobbyist's enthusiasm and genius skill. . . . It can be mildly disorienting, as on the woozily hypnotic "Empty Room," or subversive, as on "Hamfest," or simply heartbreaking.  It all depends where Feldman wants to take you." - Popdose
"Another brilliant, disconcerting album from Lee Feldman. . . . This is a return to original songcraft, and it stands with the best Feldman has ever done, which is saying a lot." - NY Music Daily
"Lee Feldman's colorful, heartfelt, and enduringly moving songs are as hard to categorize as they are to forget; his newest collection continues and even enhances that reputation . . . the work of a unique American songwriting voice: a small masterpiece, and a delight from beginning to end." - STEREOPHILE
Lee Feldman is a pianist, songwriter, teacher, student, collaborator, franchise owner, Brooklynite and a fully effective nice fellow. We hope you enjoy your stay.

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